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It’s not fair that only humans get to live a life of luxury. If you take a look at today’s environment, you would notice that pets get the special treatment too. Sometimes, they are even better fed and well taken care of than other humans. If we trace back through humanity’s history, animals are always there with us. Some treat them as only a food source; others look at them as holy beings or precious parts of their beliefs (like the Egyptians). The different cultures may vary on their way of understanding, but one thing’s for sure-dog is man’s best friend.

There are so many heroic tales of this canine’s loyalty to mankind. They are there to protect our homes, be our companions and save us in time of need. Wouldn’t it only be fair if your dog gets a luxury treatment? The memory foam dog bed might look like any dog bed until you actually lay down on its surface. Immediately, the foam underneath would mold into your dog’s body shape, allowing your dog to get the maximum comfort he deserves.
How is this possible? That’s because of the memory foam. The foam is made of chemicals like polyurethane that gives the foam more density. It reacts to two things: body heat and pressure. When your dog lies down on the bed, the foam’s high density softens and that allows it to mold itself around your pet. The foam realigns itself by softening spots where temperature or pressure is present. When your pet gets up and leaves the bed, you would see the leftover mark of your pet’s body and witness the foam go back into its original state.

The memory foam dog bed is greatly beneficial to dogs who are recovering from injuries like broken bones or if they have long term sicknesses. If your dog also has arthritis or any spinal illnesses, their comfort would not be compromised with this foam. No more agonizing over hard and cold beds. Your dog would have a faster recovery time using this foam and would no doubt help increase the healing process. It also reduces the pressure from your pet’s joint because of its elasticity. You also need not worry about your pet’s sensitivity to temperature. The foam allows you to experience different types of temperatures depending on what your pet needs. It can never be too hot or too cold using this foam.


The only disadvantage is that memory foam is known to stink badly. It might be gone after a few days or so, but sometimes, the smell lasts longer. If your dog has a particularly sensitive nose, memory foam dog bed might not be right for him just yet. It also considered to be a little bit pricey because it is made of memory foam. Memory foam uses high quality technology and it’s not surprising that it comes with a hefty price tag. Prices can range from 150 dollars to 500 dollars, depending on the quality, size and even the design of your dog bed.

If you’re worried that you won’t find a lot of stores selling this type of bed, don’t. There are many shop vendors who are eager to sell this therapeutic bed to you and your pet. They feature dog beds of all kinds of sizes and designs. You can pick any one of those which can compliment your pet’s style or the look you’re going for. It also uses just the right amount of memory foam in order to give your pet the right amount of comfort. The covering is nice to the touch and feels very comfortable to your skin. You can just imagine the sigh of relief your dog would get from lying down on it. As for cleaning it, say no more, because you won’t have a hard time maintaining its good hygiene. You only have to open the zipper at the sides and ease out the cover from the foam. Machine wash it and put the foam right back inside it. There are some stores that offer personalized dog beds, but most only offer what they have. Still, it’s worth checking out and finding if Fido or Fluffy would like to lie down on one of those heavenly beds.