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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

You’re probably dying to buy that cool new mattress you’ve seen at those TV commercials so that you can replace that pain-inducing old mattress of yours that give you back pains to no end. That’s great and everything because you’re finally doing something to improve your lifestyle. However, most good mattresses are notorious for being quite the wallet killer.

That’s because they can suck your money faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! That’s quite a feat indeed. No need to brawl and cry though. You can still obtain a good night’s sleep without paying so much, if you have a memory foam mattress topper. Not saying that it can give you the best sleep like a good memory foam mattress can, but based on some memory foam mattress topper reviews, it’s definitely worth looking into.

First, let us identify the two main parts of this topic. There’s the memory foam and the mattress topper. Memory foam is widely known to be the one of the most comfortable-if not the best of all-when it comes to providing comfort for its users. It is made of special chemicals that allow it to soften at certain places and mold itself around the object it is supporting. When you turn, you don’t need to be worried that the area you are turning to would be uncomfortable or if it would not support your body well. Memory foam immediately follows your movements and softens at the place where it can feel your pressure. No more back pains or any sort of pain at all, because there are no pressure points to the mattress. You won’t feel any springs or metal hinges because there are none.

The next one is about mattress toppers. They are fast becoming extremely popular because they can give you comfort but they won’t cost as much. You can make that uncomfortable mattress of yours more inviting if you have a mattress topper. Base on the memory foam mattress topper reviews, many people actually prefer using a topper than a mattress. You can still keep your mattress. You only have to place the topper on top of your mattress and you can experience sleeping on a mattress without having to buy the expensive mattress itself. Surely that’s an excellent bargain for all of us.

No product is perfect though, and this topper also has its downsides. For one, like all memory foam made objects, there is a chemical-like stench that accompanies it and that could be very disturbing for other people. Not any people can stand the smell and many complain about this. The good news is that if you air it out, you can remove the smell. However, some people complain that the smell takes longer to be removed and some can never be removed at all. Then there’s the issue that some memory foam mattress toppers can’t really perform very well and have very short life spans. Well, not everything could be made perfectly. At least it is one step to gaining the best comfort we wish to have.

Memory Foam Mattress

We salute those astronomers who have made ways to discover new planets. We admire those medical scientists who continue to seek the truth and find ways to cure diseases like cancer. We are in awe with those world leaders who do their best to get rid of society problems like poverty, hunger and crimes. And we give our thanks to the brilliant minds who came up with the plan to use special chemicals to make a mattress that could provide the best comfort to whoever is privilege to lie down on it.

It is not at all surprising when you hear a new discovery hear and there. Many people are demanding for new things to supply their unlimited needs and wants everyday. The producers in return, meet those demands by thinking of new ways to make their product much better. It’s beneficial for both sides because both sides would get what they want. In the furniture department, a name shines particularly brighter than the rest. Have you heard of memory foam mattress? If not, then you’d surely wish that you’d known it much longer.

Memory foam is a kind of peculiar foam made of chemicals that gives it an unusual quality. It is very pliant in the sense that it bends to the one lying down on top of it. You might be wondering, how is this possible? Well, as mentioned above, memory foam has unusual chemicals in it. These chemicals act as a sort of reactor that immediately responds to a certain trigger. In the case of memory foam, it’s temperature and pressure. When you lie down on a memory foam mattress in particular, you would notice that you don’t have to move around so much anymore. Once you settle in, you can never get uncomfortable even if you change positions.

This mattress is made up of polyurethane and other chemicals which increases it viscosity and its density in the process. When the density of the foam is high, it automatically responds to temperature. Which means it seeks out your body’s warmth and it molds itself into that warmth. When it has a low density, it reacts to pressure. If you press something on top of the mattress, it will soften and molds quickly around that certain object. Once you remove that object, say your hand, you will see an imprint of its base shape. The foam’s shape immediately goes back to its normal self after a few moments.

The ability to go back quickly to its original state is one of the pros of having memory foam made products. However, memory foam made products tend to smell when you first open it from its packaging. The smell somehow goes away but it might be uncomfortable for you when you sleep on it. The smell is described to be that of chemicals, which is no surprise because of the chemicals it is made of. The other disadvantage is that it can be quite expensive and not may people can actually afford it. But if you can, the experience certainly makes up for the price.

Mattress Topper

Have you heard of the story about the princess and the tiny pea? It’s amazing how that princess was able to feel that precious tiny pea over the stacks of mattresses that she was lying on. She must truly be of royal blood or she uses really good moisturizer. Anyway, we all know how it ends. The princess feels it, the queen is impressed, and the prince ecstatic so they all lived happily ever after. All is great, except for one thing. Have you ever wondered how the heck did the princess feel that pea under all those mattresses? The only plausible explanation there is that the mattresses were low quality ones and that they could probably give someone a major backache if one only uses one of them.

If the princess and the pea story happened today, what would the outcome be? Would the princess still be able to feel the pea under wonderful mattresses such as the ones made of memory foam? That is an interesting question that you could spend hours debating. Mattresses of today have greatly improved over the ones you heard or read about hundreds of years ago. It’s a given that they didn’t have any mattresses there that’s temperature sensitive and could mold into your shape properly (which is what memory foam mattresses can do). Even better yet, they have not discovered the use of a mattress topper which could have the same effect as that of a real mattress.

These toppers are well known for giving its users the same experience as that of a mattress but for a decidedly lower price. Of course, the feeling is still a bit more different than a real mattress, but with the right topper, you could probably barely feel the difference. There are many types of mattress toppers out there and it’s best to go over them one by one.

Now you may all be familiar with this one because it dates back to the time of royalties. Yes, it’s all about the featherbed mattress topper. They are a superb choice for those who want to lie down on something incredibly soft (like a feather) and get a cozy and good night’s sleep. This is not advisable to those who are experiencing backaches or those who want to sleep on harder places.

Then there’s the one made of wool which could be made from animal wool. They are soft like the featherbed and can regulate body temperature very well. However, they tend to wear out very easily but you could simply shake them to go back to their original state. Then we have the memory toppers made of latex. They are made of natural fibers which some people might desire. They have almost the same properties as memory foam and can even come with different features such as being hypoallergenic. It is very difficult to maintain though. Last, but not the least is memory foam. It can mold very well into your body and make you feel extremely comfortable. What more is there to say?

Gel Mattresses

If you’re willing to invest on a bag worth millions of dollars, why not invest it on something that you could actually benefit from? A person’s health is mostly associated with the way he or she lives. One could say that what a person eats and uses, reflects on the outcome of his body. That is why sleep deprived people look more haggard than those who’ve gotten a good night’s sleep. Now, people might usually blame stress and other inside factors as the cause of not getting enough sleep. This might be true or not though. Sometimes, the problem actually lies on the place where the person sleeps. What are they? Correct. They are called mattresses.

Did you know that mattresses originated from the Arabic term “materas”, which were something they slept on? Eventually, the crusaders (people who traveled the world to spread Christianity), adopted this custom and it became very popular in Europe, and eventually, the world. Nowadays, it is still used as a place to sleep on but now it lies on top of a bed frame. They have improved the way of living for most people but poorly made mattresses have always been blamed as the culprit for body pains especially at the back.

Manufacturers have tried over the years to make mattresses comfortable and they have succeeded in the form of memory foam. It is now one of the most popular foams because it is very comfortable to lie on and can offer the best comfort that a mattress can give. However, there is a downside to that. The special chemicals inside is temperature sensitive. It is sometimes the source for people to complain about too much heat.

With gel mattress, that problem could be easily fixed. Most mattresses made of a special gel can greatly decrease the heat from your body. Most memory foam has the tendency to overheat sometimes and that can be greatly uncomfortable for people who are heat sleepers. That is, they release too much heat when they sleep and because the memory foam is temperature sensitive, it doesn’t help your body cool down. With gel mattress, the gel inside would “suck” your extra heat and leave you feeling cool throughout the night.

There are many manufacturers that could give you the right mattress with this type of gel. There’s Novaform which is inexpensive, yet it still provides the high-quality mattress that you need. Downside is that it is not easy to move around. Then you have the Serta gel mattress which is one of the top leading gel memory foam mattress today. It has special features that would not let someone “sink” so easily, therefore supporting a heavier person better. Now people won’t complain about the bed being too soft.

Gel mattress is a new innovation that proves how humans could continue to improve their way of living. With it, along with memory foam, the future of having back-free mattresses isn’t too far away and not at all impossible for us to have.