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Have you heard of the story about the princess and the tiny pea? It’s amazing how that princess was able to feel that precious tiny pea over the stacks of mattresses that she was lying on. She must truly be of royal blood or she uses really good moisturizer. Anyway, we all know how it ends. The princess feels it, the queen is impressed, and the prince ecstatic so they all lived happily ever after. All is great, except for one thing. Have you ever wondered how the heck did the princess feel that pea under all those mattresses? The only plausible explanation there is that the mattresses were low quality ones and that they could probably give someone a major backache if one only uses one of them.

If the princess and the pea story happened today, what would the outcome be? Would the princess still be able to feel the pea under wonderful mattresses such as the ones made of memory foam? That is an interesting question that you could spend hours debating. Mattresses of today have greatly improved over the ones you heard or read about hundreds of years ago. It’s a given that they didn’t have any mattresses there that’s temperature sensitive and could mold into your shape properly (which is what memory foam mattresses can do). Even better yet, they have not discovered the use of a mattress topper which could have the same effect as that of a real mattress.
These toppers are well known for giving its users the same experience as that of a mattress but for a decidedly lower price. Of course, the feeling is still a bit more different than a real mattress, but with the right topper, you could probably barely feel the difference. There are many types of mattress toppers out there and it’s best to go over them one by one.

Now you may all be familiar with this one because it dates back to the time of royalties. Yes, it’s all about the featherbed mattress topper. They are a superb choice for those who want to lie down on something incredibly soft (like a feather) and get a cozy and good night’s sleep. This is not advisable to those who are experiencing backaches or those who want to sleep on harder places.

Then there’s the one made of wool which could be made from animal wool. They are soft like the featherbed and can regulate body temperature very well. However, they tend to wear out very easily but you could simply shake them to go back to their original state. Then we have the memory toppers made of latex. They are made of natural fibers which some people might desire. They have almost the same properties as memory foam and can even come with different features such as being hypoallergenic. It is very difficult to maintain though. Last, but not the least is memory foam. It can mold very well into your body and make you feel extremely comfortable. What more is there to say?