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Because of the growing demand on the market for memory foam made products, many companies have taken it into themselves to produce goods made out of it. The continued demand for such product, made it possible for companies who manufactured it, to strive hard and finally reign supreme in their market choice. One of which is Serta.

Sleep is as important as breathing itself. Though withdrawal from it could not kill you as easily as not breathing, you could die from lack of it and it won’t be an easy and painless one. Sleep allows your body to rejuvenate itself and clears any internal catastrophes inside. When you sleep, your bodily functions decreases and that make it easier for your body to repair itself properly. Without sleep, we would be like walking zombies, half dead to the world and easily exposed to harmful substances. That’s why manufacturers invest so much in the market for products that could greatly enhance your sleep. Consumers on the other hand, continue their life long quest of searching for that one brand that could meet all their expectations and give them their happy ever after.
As the second largest brand of mattress producing company in the United States, Serta might just be the one to give you that happy ending. It was founded in 1913, but only truly rose to the top during the 90s. Since then, it has been considered as one of the leading producers of mattresses in the country. It offers many types of goods, but probably one of the most in demand are those made of memory foam. Serta memory foam is quite popular to date. Many have decided to use it and were impressed by the standards it showed. Like all memory foams, it spreads the weight evenly and cushions the person lying down on it. You would feel no pressure points from the foam because of the specialized chemicals that softens when it feels any pressure or body temperature.

There are no springs or any pokey layers underneath and that adds to your comfort level. A popular serta memory foam is the Gel (iComfort) Memory Foam Mattress. You can buy one that’s 10 or 12 inches deep. It is the latest model in their line of memory foam mattresses and boasts of new functionalities that you would love. The previous mattresses made by serta were complained to be too hot. This fixes the problem because the top layer (there are 3 layers) is made of gel memory foam. This allows the foam to cool itself when the body heat is too great. It is more firm and can support heavier people so that they won’t feel like they’re “sinking” too much. This is very good for backaches and those suffering from other physical illnesses.

There’s also another serta memory foam called the Sure Temp Full-size. It is 11 inches thick and guaranteed to make you have a good night’s sleep indeed. It has a European style and that gives it and elegant and luxurious look. It is soft and pliant and can adjust well too your body temperature. Downside to that is the smell which usually accompanies all memory foam and some complain of it being too soft.

If you want something firmer, try the Serta Perfect Comfort Visco. The three layered foam is ideal for those who want to lie down on a firm foam than the standard soft ones. Perfect for those who does not want sink in the foam and those who prefer hard foams. Choosing any serta memory foam gives you the opportunity to know which one you like and decide for yourself which one you’ll want to have your happy ever after with.