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We salute those astronomers who have made ways to discover new planets. We admire those medical scientists who continue to seek the truth and find ways to cure diseases like cancer. We are in awe with those world leaders who do their best to get rid of society problems like poverty, hunger and crimes. And we give our thanks to the brilliant minds who came up with the plan to use special chemicals to make a mattress that could provide the best comfort to whoever is privilege to lie down on it.

It is not at all surprising when you hear a new discovery hear and there. Many people are demanding for new things to supply their unlimited needs and wants everyday. The producers in return, meet those demands by thinking of new ways to make their product much better. It’s beneficial for both sides because both sides would get what they want. In the furniture department, a name shines particularly brighter than the rest. Have you heard of memory foam mattress? If not, then you’d surely wish that you’d known it much longer.
Memory foam is a kind of peculiar foam made of chemicals that gives it an unusual quality. It is very pliant in the sense that it bends to the one lying down on top of it. You might be wondering, how is this possible? Well, as mentioned above, memory foam has unusual chemicals in it. These chemicals act as a sort of reactor that immediately responds to a certain trigger. In the case of memory foam, it’s temperature and pressure. When you lie down on a memory foam mattress in particular, you would notice that you don’t have to move around so much anymore. Once you settle in, you can never get uncomfortable even if you change positions.

This mattress is made up of polyurethane and other chemicals which increases it viscosity and its density in the process. When the density of the foam is high, it automatically responds to temperature. Which means it seeks out your body’s warmth and it molds itself into that warmth. When it has a low density, it reacts to pressure. If you press something on top of the mattress, it will soften and molds quickly around that certain object. Once you remove that object, say your hand, you will see an imprint of its base shape. The foam’s shape immediately goes back to its normal self after a few moments.

The ability to go back quickly to its original state is one of the pros of having memory foam made products. However, memory foam made products tend to smell when you first open it from its packaging. The smell somehow goes away but it might be uncomfortable for you when you sleep on it. The smell is described to be that of chemicals, which is no surprise because of the chemicals it is made of. The other disadvantage is that it can be quite expensive and not may people can actually afford it. But if you can, the experience certainly makes up for the price.